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Dosimetry Badge Services


The type of dosimeter Proxdose uses is called a ThermoLumiscence Dosimeter, or TLD.

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TLD and Equipment Sales


Proxdose provides dosimetry equipment, hardware, software, and operator training.

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Maintenance & Repair Services


Proxdose provides maintenance, calibration, and repair, as well as other services.

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Solutions Package

Turnkey Solutions

Proxdose provides a complete line of radiation monitoring complete turnkey solutions

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  • Partnership-Affiliates

    Proxdose boasts a worldwide presence. Our marketing sectors include commercial and governmental worldwide. Our network of distributors, are the cornerstones for the success of Proxdose. They provide for additional market penetration, and allow Proxdose to efficiently service our clients worldwide. The growth sectors include but are not limited to:
    • Energy
    • Environmental
    • Industrial
    • Medical
    • Security
    • Board members support
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  • Maintenance and Service

    Since 2004, Proxdose has provided maintenance, calibration, repair and other services on Dosimetry equipment worldwide. We specialize on the Panasonic ® and Harshaw ® equipment platforms. We have Qualified, Experienced Technicians to provide these services. All labor and parts are warranted. Maintenance and services include (but are not limited to):
    • Maintenance of Dosimetry Equipment
    • Repair and replacement of parts
    • On-site assessments and surveys
    • Calibration of Equipment
    • Element Correction Factors (ECFs) for TLDs
    • Dosimetry Software Updates
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We Provide

Equipment. Supplies. Dosimetry. Maintenance.Repairs.

Proxdose provides a complete line of solutions including dosimetry equipment, hardware, software, and operator training. We are able to cater to the needs of laboratories to help them manage costs and maintain their internal operations.

All of our products can be used by any dosimetry laboratories utilizing the Panasonic® platform.

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85 South Bragg Street Ste. 503
Alexandria, VA 22132
Phone: +1.703.972.2660

Our Mission

Proxtronics Dosimetry, LLC strives to be recognized as a high-quality cost-effective products and services provider. We are committed to providing the best and most affordable possible solution to our clients in an efficient and timely manner.

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